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Yamaha 6200 Series

32”, 29”, 26”, 23”, 20” – Evans Strata heads

The standard in Broadway pits and other situations where versatility and setup space are important. The semi-flat smooth copper bowls provide a more focused articulation than the parabolic bowl of the similarly designed Ludwig Pro Symphonic timpani and the balanced action pedal mechanism is more advanced, with a friction adjustment lug which allows the player to change pedal resistance to suit his/her preference. Gauges are incredibly accurate and feature moveable note markers as well as a pointer adjustment.

Yamaha 7200 Series

29”, 26” – Evans Strata heads

Same design and features as the Yamaha 6200s (above) but with hand-hammered bowls.

Yamaha 6300 Series

32”, 29”, 26”, 23” – Evans Strata heads

The most recent iteration of the Yamaha 6000 series features an updated frame and a moveable tuning gauge to accommodate American and German setups.


Korogi LV2400CC 5 octave La Vue Series

The perfect blend of clarity and warmth. Bass register is big and focused without being boomy and the upper end is clear without being brittle. Pins are fully covered in rubber to almost completely eliminate frame noise which allows the player to use slightly softer mallets across the entire range of the instrument while still being articulate. Simple, yet sturdy frame design makes setup a breeze. AA+ grade rosewood; Bar width and spacing is identical to the Adams Alpha Series.

Korogi LV800 4.3 octave La Vue Series

Same frame design, bars and great sound as our 5 octave. AA+ grade rosewood; Bar width and spacing is identical to the Adams Alpha Series.


Musser M7055G Pro-Vibe with Moto-Cart Frame

This is a newer M55 Pro Vibe that features matte finished gold bars for a deeper and warmer sound than the older M75. The heavy duty frame is slightly higher than the standard frame and is good for taller players. Upgraded with a vanderPlas silicon gel damper pad.

Musser M75 Century

This instrument is from the 1960s and personifies what made the Musser vibraphone sound famous. Glossy gold bars yield an incredible balance between warmth and brightness. Really beautiful sounding vibe! Upgraded with a vanderPlas silicon gel damper pad and motor refurbished by DK Percussion.


Leedy 651 3.5 octave (G-C) “Solo-Tone”

Wide bars and powerful sound. This instrument is loud! Great for orchestral playing.

Leedy 992 3.5 octave (F-C) “George Hamilton Green”

Restored by Salazar Fine Tuning. Sweet and balanced sound. Great for chamber music and solo playing.


Kohler-Liebich 2.5 octave (F-C) Liberty Chimes

Kohler-Liebich was another manufacturer of bell and chime products in Chicago along with Deagan and Leedy until it closed up shop in 1941 due to rationing of raw materials during WWII. This instrument was found at a garage sale on Long Island and is now in our hands! Bars were tuned and replated by Gilberto Serna of Century Mallet Instrument Co. and a new case was made by Salazar Fine Tuning. This instrument sounds great! Rich sound with lots of fundamental.

Fall Creek Roundtop RT-1000 (F-F)

It’s big and heavy, but if you need a beautiful concert glockenspiel, this is the one!

Yamaha Deagan (G-C)

Compact and easily stackable. Great for shows or contemporary music setups.


Yamaha Deagan 1.5 Octave (C-F) Silver Symphonic Chimes

Very similar in sound and quality to the Adams; 1.5" nickel/chrome plated tubes with a slightly less bulky frame.

Adams Philharmonic Series BK5003C 1.5 octave (C-F) Concert Chimes

1.5” tubes make these chimes almost impossible to overplay and the chrome plating yields unparalleled pitch clarity. Pitches can also be mounted on a smaller 8-note rack if fewer notes are required or if needed in a multi-percussion setup.


Zildjian High and Low octave

These crotales feature very sturdy mounting bars that mount perfectly on a standard Yamaha cymbal stand. No need to worry about wobbling when bowing. Spacing on bars is graduated as notes get smaller; Low octave is notated C4-C5; High octave is notated C5-C6; Pitches can be mounted individually if necessary.


Pearl Philharmonic Series 4” x 14” Cast Aluminum

3mm cast aluminum shell; Die-cast hoops; 8-strand even tension stainless steel cable, 8-strand graduated tension stainless steel cable and 6-strand "guitar wire" snares.

Pearl Philharmonic Series 4" x 14" 6-ply Maple

Single-flange hoops w/claw hooks; 8-strand even tension stainless steel cable, 8-strand graduated tension stainless steel cable and 6-strand "guitar wire" snares.

Pearl Philharmonic Series 5" x 14" Solid Maple

Solid 1-ply 7.5mm maple shell; Die-cast hoops; 8-strand even tension stainless steel cable, 7-strand graduated tension light yellow coated cable and 6-strand "guitar wire" snares.

Black Swamp 5.5” x 14” Solid Maple with SoundArt Trio Strainer

Probably one of the most versatile drums in our inventory. It has a wonderful blend of sensitivity, clarity and warmth. A great drum for orchestra or chamber music. Evans Strata Staccato 700 head; Stainless cable, “guitar wire” and blue coated cable snares.

Black Swamp 5” x 14” SoundArt Unibody Cocobolo

Extremely clear and sensitive yet powerful; Sounds larger than its depth at louder dynamics. Gorgeous drum! Evans Strata Staccato 700 head; Die-cast hoops; Stainless cable, “guitar wire” and blue coated cable snares.

Black Swamp 6.5” x 14” SoundArt Unibody Cocobolo

A larger version of our 5", this drum is powerful, yet still clear and sensitive. Evans Strata Staccato 700 head; Die-cast hoops; Yellow coated cable, stainless cable/blue coated cable combo, and “guitar wire” snares.


Black Swamp 3.5" x 13" Mercury Series 7-ply Maple in Tamo Ash Veneer

This is a beautiful piccolo snare whose timbre is consistent with that of a larger concert drum. Perfect for the softest passages in the repertoire, chamber music or when a range of sizes are required. Die-cast hoops; Stern Tanning calf head.




Black Swamp knocked it out of the park with this one! Don't let its smaller size fool you. The wood hoops make this deep and dark, yet the stainless cable, blue coated cable and yellow coated cable snares keep it nice and crisp throughout the dynamic range. Evans Strata head.

Black Swamp 12" x 15" Soundart duo maple field drum

Large size and 2.3mm flanged hoops give this drum a classic depth and resonance. Use with the stainless cable and blue cable snares as a low and dirty military drum or disengage the snares and lower the head for a "marche funebre" tenor drum.


Pearl 14” x 28” Philharmonic Series African Mahogany w/Calf Head and Humidifier

Versatile small bass drum perfect for BD/cymbal attachment repertoire such as Mahler 1 and Petrouchka or can be mounted horizontally for multi-percussion applications using our Black Swamp Multilegs!

Pearl 18” x 36” Philharmonic Series African Mahogany w/Calf Head and Humidifier

Wonderful concert bass drum! Deep full sound with plenty of resonance to fill New York’s largest concert halls. Mounted on a suspended stand for plenty of flexibility for different playing positions.

Pearl 16” x 32” Philharmonic Series African Mahogany w/Remo NuSkyn Heads


Pearl Double-Headed Philharmonic Series African Mahogany

Full, warm, open sound. Sizes available: 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”. Evans Calftone heads; Can be mounted on Pearl double tom stands (standard) or individual snare drum stands (please specify when ordering).


Orchestral Crash Cymbals

Zildjian 20”, 19”, 18” & 17” K Symphonic Heavy

These cymbals are powerful and complex across the entire size range. They have lots of attack without being stiff or one dimensional and are ideally suited for large orchestras in large halls where definition and projection are of the utmost importance.

Zildjian 19” & 18” K Symphonic Medium Light - Brilliant Finish

Lighter than the K Symphonic Heavy, these cymbals are more manageable yet still have ample power and projection. The 19” version was cut from a 20” pair and is therefore lower in pitch and has less spread.


Very powerful with lots of attack, but much darker than the K Symphonics.

Zildjian 18” & 16” K Constantinople Vintage Orchestral Medium Light

Easy to play with a beautifully balanced spectrum, these are really great all around freelance cymbals. Much less aggressive than either the K Symphonics or K Constantinople Vintage Orchestral Medium Heavy. The 16"s are perfect for BD/cymbal attachment applications (Mahler 1, Petrouchka) and the softest, most delicate cymbal passages such as Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto.



zildjian 18" A Classic Orchestral heavy

Istanbul 19”

Extremely rich and balanced with a beautiful spread, these cymbals are perfect for those times when you’ve got that one moment to just WOW! Also, if you’re comfortable playing softer with larger cymbals, these can be surprisingly pleasing.

Sabian 18” HHX

Sabian 16” HH Germanic

Great for BD/Cym attachment applications such as Petrouchka or Mahler 1. On their own, they’re prettier and slightly brighter than their marketing might suggest.



Our range of Thai nipple gongs were hand selected by Trey Wyatt of California Percussion, LLC and are the finest sounding gongs available in the New York City area.